innx is a catalyst for human potential. We draw out the trailblazers, the innovators, the leaders and the creators.

We unite those who stand for something, who dare to think. We question everything and accept nothing.

Together we rise above what is known and lose ourselves in the unknown. We curate a diverse cross-pollination of disciplines, skills, ideas and knowledge, delivering the ideal environment for revolution, invention and creation. Together we have the means and the courage to seek the new. Fate rewards the fearless.

seek the new

innx is a space for co-creation and collaboration, a destination in which innovators, creators, leaders and entrepreneurs can come together, be inspired, create and gain new knowledge. We are more than a co-working space, we are a centre for innovation and ideation. Our goal is not to provide desks but to empower individuals to succeed, evoke the entrepreneurial spirit and grow a culture of courage. We exist to enable the entrepreneur and encourage individuals to push boundaries, explore new avenues and venture into uncharted territory.

question everything

innx has been designed to create a space in which you can succumb to your passions, forget conventions and business can truly become your pleasure. Our spaces are intended to be a home from which creators and innovators can embark on their exploration of new ideas and to partake in their creative journey. We are here for the master + creator.

rise above the known

At innx our vision extends beyond just providing spaces in which innovation can exist but to inspire our local community to seek out innovation and follow their entrepreneurial visions. By hosting unique collaborative experiences and exposing the local community to new ideas, innovative practices and the unconventional, we hope to spark new ideas, collaborations and projects in our community. Through providing a season of intensive master classes lead by local and imported innovation leaders, interchanges with experts at the cutting edge of their sectors and innovation exchanges with entrepreneurs, innx will grow creativity and innovation in Newcastle.