What is The Exchange?

There are times where a change in the world around us prompts us to go beyond and rise above the known. Right now, that opportunity for going beyond is here and in the face of this, Shane and Luke, brothers and founders of INNX, have responded to a need for both their locals and wider community to maintain and further build a connection at a time where what we need more than any is just that – connection.

The Exchange is a vlog series designed to bring relevant content and conversations to audiences local and far off surrounding the ways in which INNX and its locals are pivoting and changing their game plan for their businesses in the face of apparent uncertainty. We aim to support the people that support us – our INNX community, and present them to the wider online world showcasing their businesses, their We ask the questions – how are you rising above? How do you see your values shifting? What has become important for you?

You’ll find the conversations real, open and authentic, presenting a positive, problem-solving approach that encourages growth mindset and optimism in the future we all face.

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