Live Stream

Use Live Streaming to communicate in a safe way while delivering your message to your audience online professionally and on-brand.

remote hosted broadcast

INNX can facilitate professional streaming services using remote video connections, bringing presenters and guest together in the same broadcast. This is easily achieved through our powerful system utilising your phone or laptop camera as a source and adding them into the presentation.

Studio hosted broadcast

Using our studio based in the INNX hub (depending on restriction level) to achieve the most professional presentation. Utilising our full studio lighting and 4k camera technology to achieve the best image and audio quality. Remote guests can also be added into the stream via mobile and laptop guest links.

The INNX studio is completely contactless and only requires you to walk in and make your presentation. No microphone to touch or hold, only handle your own devices and personal belongings.

Our live stream service follows all social distancing and hygiene regulations

Equipment Sanitisation

All equipment is sanitised with alcohol-based cleaning products.


Social distancing rules are in affect throughout the studio space.


Reach your audience everywhere

Simultaneously stream your live events via social media, embedded on your site, and anywhere else your audience is tuned in – all from Vimeo. No added stress on your bandwidth (or on you).

Stream and Record

While your broadcast is being streamed to it’s various platforms, we can also record a file locally for you to store, edit and reuse later.

Live Interviews Using only a Browser

Invite anyone to join your live broadcast using a browser and their webcam. This means using a phone or laptop, you can have anyone from anywhere in the world join you on screen for interviews and discussions in real time. 

Multi Remote Guests

Custom designed screen with branding to present multiple guests at one time.

Media Playback

We can include other video media sources for playing back during your broadcast. Presentations, promotions or replays can all be added into the mix.

Integrate external Data Sources

Low fixed cost and 'pay what you can' service

  • All Equipment and Data at One Fixed Cost
  • Damage Control to COVID-19 Crisis
  • Supporting Business during Unprecedented Times