hot desk terms + conditions

Term of this Agreement

The term of this Agreement commences and concludes at 5.30pm on selected hire date.

Your business

During the period of this Agreement, you will only be entitled to engage in the Permitted Use in the Premises, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties to this Agreement.

Your obligations

Your key obligations under the Agreement are as follows:

Permitted Use: You must only use the Hot Desk Area and the Common Areas located within the Premises for the Permitted Use, and for no other use without our written approval.  You may use the Hot Desk Area during the hours permitted under any relevant approval or as notified to you.

Subsidiary participants: If you choose to share your space with any additional people or businesses, a formal request to INNX needs to be made and approved prior to commencement.

Outgoings: The Fee is inclusive of a portion of amentities such as electricity, water, cleaning of common areas, toilet and bathroom supplies, internet connection, air conditioning. However, you will be liable to pay the cost of any amenities that exceed the Inclusive Outgoings (Excess Outgoings).

Nuisance and illegal activities: You must not cause a nuisance to other participants in the INNX or occupiers of surrounding buildings or engage in illegal activities whilst occupying the Hot Desk Area, using the Common Areas or otherwise in or around the Premises.

Maintenance: Please take good care of the allocated Hot Desk and all Common Areas and at all times make sure the Hot Desk, the Common Areas and the Premises are clean and presentable.

Safety and emergencies: Please ensure your safety and the safety of your guests entering the Premises.  You must ensure your guests are aware of and abide by any emergency procedures notified to you by us.

Insurance: We have taken out a General Liability Insurance Policy in relation to the Premises (the Policy). The Policy may extend to cover access to and your use of the Premises, subject to approval by our insurer.  Coverage under the Policy will be subject to the policy wording (the Policy Wording). You must comply with our directions regarding the Policy.  You must not engage in any activity that is in breach of the Policy.  If you engage in any activity that is in breach of the Policy, you will be liable to the claimant personally and to us for any loss or damage we may suffer as a result of your breach

Obligation to “make good”: On termination of this Agreement or expiry of the Term, you must vacate the Hot Desk and leave it in no worse condition than it was at the commencement of the period of occupation.

General Liability Insurance

The general liability policy for the building will respond to claims personal injury and property damage occurring in the Common Areas, subject to any exclusions set out in the Policy Wording.