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Newcastle purpose-built coworking spaces to inspire

INNX was founded and is led by brothers Luke and Shane Burrell. They’re the visionary minds behind INNX, a venture that sprang from their aspiration to craft purpose-driven coworking community in Newcastle. What began as a dream evolved into a vibrant ecosystem, fostering a diverse array of businesses and forward-thinking enterprises.

‘Seek the new, question everything and rise above the known’ is the centrepiece of everything Luke and Shane do.

Connect with INNX team, we're here to champion humanity and the businesses that serve it.


Luke Burrell

Builder of Conscious Brands. Brand Insights, Strategy and Identity. Embedding and Activating Purpose. Certified B-Corp.

Shane Burrell

Shane Burrell

Colourist, cinematographer and mountain climbing adventurer. Dreamer and entrepreneur by heart.


Agnes Burrell

Strategic marketing & communication expert. Storyteller and impact producer who loves people and a good adventure.


Olivia Gralton

Proud Novocastrian, community curator, people person and dedicated business manager.

Liz Knapp Mezzanine

Liz Knapp

Highly skilled interior and graphic designer. Nurturing green thumb with an impeccable eye for detail and contagious energy.

Shane Burrell


Colourist, cinematographer and mountain climbing adventurer.

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